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The Reasons That Birds Make Nests

1It is very common for birds to make nests. Most of the times, birds do this to prepare for the coming little birds. And when the little ones grow old enough to live by themselves, the parent birds will stop making nests. For most of the birds, the nests play a very essential part in the process of welcoming and bringing up the next generation. The following are some important functions of the nests. Read on, you will know why the birds make great efforts in making nests.

The basic function is that the nest can prevent the egg from rolling out and keep all the eggs in roll bulk. In this way, the eggs will not be so easy to falling off and broken. The nest help the birds to make the eggs into a group heaped on a hatchery. And this is particularly important for those birds that can lay many eggs for one time. Only when all the eggs are well protected under the body of the parent bird at the body temperature, the birds in the embryo can have better development.

The second function of the nest is that it can provide convenience for the parent bird to feed the chicks and help avoid the hurt from predators. A lot of birds nest in very secluded place which make it less prone to be found by their enemies. And even, some birds make full use of their flight advantages and make the nest on cliffs or tall tress to avoid attacks.

The last but not the least is that the nest can have good effect on maintaining the optimum temperature that is suitable for the growth of the birds. The first few days after the birds were born, the body temperature of the little birds are not constant, so they need to be kept as warm as the incubation time with the parent bird. More often, the temperature of the nest requires to be 1 to 7 higher than that of the environment.

Generally speaking, nesting behavior is the preparation for breeding the nest generation. To the birds that have been paired, nesting can also stimulate the physiological activities. Although making nests can be complicate action, the nest plays an important role in the whole life and they also pay much more attention on making the nests.

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