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What Kind of Seed Do You Use in Your Bird Feeder?

30So you have your first time bird feeder and also you purchased some seed from the shop but your merely not drawing in the sort of birds that you want. This could be irritating to say the least however in some cases birds will only involve your feeder for sure sorts of seeds.

Seed Mixtures: These are one of the most common kinds of seeds that you could find at any kind of shop. These are a great starting point and also will bring in several species of birds however not all them. These seed blends usually have a fair bit of filler seed in them. These are seeds that no bird truly likes but it fills the bag.

Sunflower Seeds: Filling your bird feeder with sunflower seeds will certainly draw in more than birds, it will likewise draw in many rats, mainly squirrels as well as relying on where you live, it will draw in rats. Might have a fight at your feeder. Sunflower seeds will certainly likewise attract woodpeckers, cardinals, blue jays and also chickadees merely among others.

Thistle Seed: This is one of the most costly bird seed on the market however it draws in some special birds yet mostly finches. If you have a feeder packed with thistle seeds, your feeder will soon be swarming with lots of type of finches, the most notable being the American Gold Finch.

Suet: This is a cake like bird feed that is usually awaited little cages. It is utilized to draw in wood-peckers.

Whole Peanuts: Blue jays like peanuts. Viewing these brilliant birds break into a peanut is constantly priceless. With peanuts you have more squirrels to manage and also potentially rats.

Now that you know which seeds to fill your feeder with, begin filling them up and remember if you fill it, they will come.

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